Web development


At Glasshouse, we have been developing websites since 2002, and even longer for each member of the team individually. We have grown up with the web, which is a real passion for each of us.

This passion is reflected in the way we work and continue to learn every day. The web is a unique entity: it changes, improves and evolves constantly. For us developers, it is an exciting challenge to stay up to date and to find the most suitable solutions for our clients.


We work with the best tools available and no language scares us. We are not limited to any particular CMS or framework, we have developed many projects with all of them, be it Wordpress, Drupal, Symfony, Joomla, Bolt, ezPublish, Prestashop, Magento... and we enjoy discovering new tools!

We know PHP and HTML like the back of our hand, we master CSS, JavaScript and their infinite possibilities, finally responsive design holds no secrets for us. We use PHPStorm as our IDE, or Visual Studio Code, as a code editor.

Our projects are versioned via Git and backed up to Bitbucket. We work with GitKraken as Git GUI.

The vast majority of our projects are mounted under Docker to have a configuration specific to each project in the version of the software used (in particular the version of PHP or the type of web server - Apache or Nginx).

We put all these skills and all our experience at your service to ensure the success of each of your digital projects.

In addition, we offer our services for the production of newsletters and transactional or promotional emails, emphasizing maximum compatibility with all messaging clients.
We test our developments on various compatibility verification tools because it is essential that your prospects and customers access your messages.

The advertising banner is a widespread digital product whose effectiveness is no longer to be proven. Therefore, we have been making advertising banners since 2002, first in animated GIF format then Flash and today by exploiting recent technologies with requests to CRM databases within the banner.

Monitoring technological advances

We constantly follow the evolution of languages, tools, uses, standards, out of curiosity and passion, by consulting forums, dedicated sites, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of experts, by following numerous newsletters... We put this knowledge to use in our projects to always be at the forefront of best practices and to be able to make the most of existing solutions.






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